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Why Sell Your Notes With Digestible Notes?

If you are looking for easy money and a passive income there is no better place than Digestible Notes. Having worked hard to make the notes why not now make some money from them? Not only are we the fastest growing notes provider on the internet (we have grown by 10,000% over the last year), but we also provide the BEST commission rates.

How Much Will I Earn?

We are able to provide sellers with an unrivalled amount of commission, as we cover all the transaction fees and other unavoidable costs. We understand how hard you worked to make the notes, so should be rewarded properly for doing so. In total you will take a 50% commission from each set of notes you sell. So if you sell something for £100 you will make £50, without exception. This is 25% more than the next best notes marketplace on the internet. Also, because we're nice, we will chuck in an extra £5 for every £100 you make!

How Does It Work?

It is super simple. Just fill in the form below and we will upload your notes to our marketplace if we like what we see. Once accepted, you will have access to our on-platform sellers dashboard that will allow you to track your sales and access special Digestible Note offers. Every time you make a sale, we will email you and transfer your balance to your PayPal account within 24 hours (this is 4 weeks quicker than other notes marketplaces!).

What Kind Of Sellers/Notes Are We Looking For?

If you are a great student with great notes, then you are exactly who we are looking for. The important thing is we provide awesome and accurate notes to the thousands of students browsing our Marketplace each week. The notes need to be clear, coherent, and as easy-to-understand as possible. We do not usually accept written notes, but make exceptions where such notes are neat or necessary (for example, in maths and science based subjects). We cannot and will not accept notes that have been copied or reproduced.

Anything Else?

Nope! We are providing a service to allow you to earn a side income while you party, walk the dog, and sleep. How great would it feel to wake up with an extra £100 in your bank account without having to do anything? All it takes is two minutes to fill in the form below and we will do the rest of the work for you. It could not be easier!

What Is Digestible Notes?

Digestible Notes was created with a simple objective: to make learning simple and accessible. We offer a range of free and paid services trusted by world renowned institutions to deliver excellent results to their students. The Marketplace is an extension of our goal to provide unrivalled educational assistance to students from across the world.


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