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About Me 🚀

Course on the art of learning effectively, a reading masterclass

Hey 👋

I'm Gareth. I'm a lawyer, teacher, and YouTuber. When I'm not channeling my inner Harvey Specter, I enjoy helping law students unleash their academic and personal potential.

It is my belief that everyone has the potential to do incredible things with their life, so long as you have access to the right resources and support. My mission is to build a global community of passionate learners who are looking for a world-class education without having to spend literally hundreds of thousands of pounds to level-up their lives.

As a result, I created Digestible Notes with a simple objective: to make learning simple, accessible and, most importantly, COMPLETELY FREE. So, whether you are looking for academic resources to help boost your grades or personal resources to make your life more productive and interesting, there should be something here to help you take your life to the next level!

What Do I Do?

  1. 🎓 I graduated in law in 2016 with fantastic offers to study at Oxford & Cambrige and work at a bunch of magical circle law firms, and then made the crazy decision to build Digestible Notes.
  2. ✍️ On this website, I write notes on a range of academic subjects, making them super simple to understand. In addition, I write articles about productivity, life hacks, and other general advice that can make you awesome and achieve your dreams!
  3. 🎬 On the Digestible Law YouTube channel, I discuss my law notes in greater depth. I also have a personal YouTube channel, where I help students navigate the complexities of studying law and becoming a lawyer!
  4. 💌 I write a weekly email newsletter. Every weekend, I share some thoughts about a few different things I've been thinking about that week and offer additional resources to help you out. Check out the previous issues and I would love you to subscribe!
  5. 😎 To fund my chocolate addiction, I also run a digital marketing agency called Osito Media and an online language school called Palabrus.
  6. 🎮 Finally, when I have a bit of extra time, I enjoy playing the piano, learning to code, practicing Spanish, and trying to make some gains at the gym.

Get In Touch

  1. 👍 Social Media - You can find me on most of the major social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and obviously YouTube.
  2. 📮 Email - If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to chat then please drop me an email ([email protected]). I love receiving emails and read 100% of the emails I receive and try to reply to most of them too!
  3. In person - I also really enjoy meeting up with people in real life too. So if you're ever in Birmingham and fancy a hot chocolate or coffee then drop me a message and I am sure we can sort something out.

Featured Courses

Course on the art of learning effectively, a reading masterclass