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👋 Introduction to Law
The introduction to law notes will provide you with a broad and critical understanding of the structure and functions of the English legal system. An easy start to a fascinating course.

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🔫 Criminal Law
Murder, manslaughter, grievous bodily harm, conspiracy, self-defence and theft: these are just some of the shocking, dramatic and fascinating issues of criminal law.

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✒️ Constitutional Law
Understand the concepts, traditions and principles underpinning the UK constitution, and the main recent reforms, especially in relation to Europe, devolution, and the Human Rights Act 1998.

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📝 Contract Law
Contract law covers the formation of contractual relations, the requirements for enforceability, the rights of third parties, interpretation of contracts, vitiating factors and remedies.

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🌍 European Union Law
Understand the institutional and procedural law of the EU, the impact of EU law on the national legal orders of the Member States as well, and EU competition law in the TFEU.

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🌳 Land Law
Examine property rights in relation to Land and deal with their definition, development, acquisition and transfer. Emphasis is placed on reform and the Law Commission's recommendations.

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🔪 Tort Law
Tort law cover a fascinating spectrum of issues, including trespass, negligence, nuisance, and defamation. It's an area of legal study that every student seems to love.

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🏠 Trusts Law
Our notes look at the institution of the trust, its formation and constitution. They also look at the duties, responsibilities and rights of the personnel involved in a trust relationship.

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👪 Family Law
Family law is one of the most common optional modules for law degrees, and provides a fascinating insight into marriage, divorce, cases relating to children, and much more.

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