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💼 Law
Learn about the fundamental questions facing society, tackle some of the most problematic conflicts and issues, and evaluate ideas such as fairness, justice, and equality. Law is an intellectually demanding and thought-provoking subject. Read more.
🚀 Physics
Learn the core tools of relativity, quantum mechanics and electromagnetism, and how these theories can describe the universe precisely, from galaxies to subatomic particles. Plus lots more wonderful and wacky concepts. Read more.
🌍 Spanish
Learn how to achieve a command of modern spoken and written Spanish to a high level of fluency and accuracy. Study many aspects of the society, culture, literature and linguistic history of Spanish-speaking countries across the globe. These notes are a work in progress. Read more.
📚 Politics
Learn about past and current political conflicts; different models and mechanisms of government; concepts such as freedom, equality and human rights; and ideologies such as communism, anarchism and liberalism. These notes are a work in progress. Read more.

Life Topics

⌛ Productivity
Live a happier, healthier, and more efficient life by learning the life-changing art of productivity. Read more.
😄 Life Hacks
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Course on the art of learning effectively, a reading masterclass

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My name is Gareth! I'm a lawyer, teacher, and YouTuber. I created Digestible Notes with a simple objective: to make learning simple, accessible and, most importantly, completely free!