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Notes and questions on US politics

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Past Papers & Questions

Essay Questions (Governing the USA)

1. Why does the Cabinet have limited importance within the executive branch?

2. To what extent has the Roberts Court confirmed the decisions of its predecessors?

3. Why did Presidents George W. Bush and Obama use their power of veto so sparingly?

4. To what extent are the ‘folks back home’ the most significant influence on the votes of members of Congress?

5. Why could the Senate be regarded as superior in status and power to the House of Representatives?

6. Assess the limitations on the power of the Supreme Court.

7. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the current system for amending the constitution?

8. To what extent does the Speaker of the House of Representatives remain a powerful political figure?

Essay Questions (Representative Process)

1. Why has campaign finance reform had such limited success?

2. Assess the effectiveness of the methods by which pressure groups attempt to influence the Supreme Court

3. To what extent are there divisions between the main political parties over racial and ethnic issues?

4. Assess the reasons why third parties have had such a limited impact in US politics.

5. Why is the US political system such a favourable environment for pressure groups?

6. Explain the main reasons for low voter participation (turnout) in US elections.

7. Why has affirmative action failed to end racial inequality?

8. Explain the current divisions within the Republican Party.